Design and attention to detail: this is what brands operating in this sector require. FPM's moulds for the hobby sector respond to the functional and aesthetic needs of component manufacturers for this sector.

Die-casting moulds in the hobby sector
The aesthetic finishes of the parts moulded with FPM industrial moulds require high quality and attention to design. In this sector, the objects most commonly produced thanks to the study of FPM's customised moulds are the supports for electronic keyboards. Also in this area, the company can count on decades working alongside partner suppliers of chroming and painting services.

Plastic injection moulds for the hobby sector
The choice to mould plastic components for the hobby sector mainly lies in the excellent value for money of the finished products, such as for example cases for horse riding and fishing, which may also be airtight. Thanks to FPM's know-how on plastics, the company is able to offer customers specific expert advice.