Die-casting moulds for non-ferrous metals.

FPM designs and manufactures moulds for the die casting of aluminium, zamak and brass. The moulds for aluminium alloys are made with cold-chamber die casting.The casts, both structural and aesthetic, also include metal inserts co-moulded in the cast.Cold-chamber die casting is ideal for aluminium, a metal with a high melting point.The machines dedicated to this procedure allow an injection pressure of over 10,000psi or 70,000KPa. With regard the creation of moulds for the die casting of zamak, FPM manufactures moulds both in cold and hot chambers.

FPM Stampi provides its customers all the precision, know-how and continuous support of its highly qualified staff to make moulds for high-quality aluminium, zamak and brass die-casting, with the creative and flexible approach of Made in Italy. In the die-casting process of non-ferrous metals, FPM shares its experience and technology to support the customer in the decision-making and preliminary phases of each project.That is why choosing FPM does not mean simply relying on a supplier, it is actually relying on a competent partner that offers a complete range of services. FPM produces moulds to be installed on presses up to 1200 tons.