Plastic injection moulds.

Moulding is the most commonly used technique for the production of plastic components because it guarantees the best value for money for the market.What is always requested is the moulding of precise details, both in small and medium and large sizes. Almost 50 years of experience in the plastics sector makes FPM Stampi the reliable partner for the study, design and production of customised thermoplastic moulds. The company manufactures moulds for both standard plastics such as PP and Nylon as well as special ones such as Polyiarylamide Ixef. FPM’s strength lies in the constant dialogue with the customer because that is where one finds the best way to create truly high-performance thermoplastic moulds.

How does plastic injection moulding work? The molten plastic material is injected under high pressure into the closed thermoplastic mould. This is then opened when the component inside has solidified. It is of fundamental importance that the thermoplastic mould is designed to allow optimal detachment of the plastic piece, thereby guaranteeing the definition of all the details. Thanks to the thermoplastic moulds produced by FPM it is possible to produce pieces with complex geometries, even of very small dimensions, and co-mould plastic components with integrated metal inserts or co-mould plastics with different characteristics. FPM produces moulds to be installed on presses up to 1200 tons.