Safety and flexibility: the characteristics associated with FPM moulds in the electronics sector. In this field, attention to the minutest details and components is essential to ensure the devices operate correctly. That is why industrial moulds for electronics are produced after a careful study of needs, a feasibility and filling analysis to meet functional and usage needs.

Die-casting moulds for the electronics sector
Details for lamps, frames for industrial PCs, board holders, hoods and engine housings, flanges and engine bases are the main components around which FPM manufactures its moulds for the electronics sector. The company offers an analysis of the assembled detail to optimise weights, spaces and heat dissipation.

Plastic injection moulds for electronics
Thanks to the precision ensured by the moulds for the electronics sector, FPM allows the production of fan bodies, impellers, junction boxes, rubber grommets, fixing nuts, board support, socket bodies and manoeuvre rings. In the case of moulds for plastics, the company provides targeted and customised advice for a possible co-moulding of rubber and other materials.