High safety standards and extreme precision in details, combined with comfort and safety: the requirements that FPM satisfies with its moulds for the automotive market. The high level of specialisation also allows the creation of very complex moulds, with highly complex injection and extrusion solutions, in compliance with current regulations.

Aluminium die-casting moulds for the automotive sector
The production of die-casting moulds for the automotive industry is precise, punctual and certified. FPM produces moulds for shock absorber support flanges, water pump bodies and covers, brackets and engine support flanges.Steel producers and partners for heat treatments selected by FPM certify the quality of the material.FPM also manufactures prototype moulds in unhardened steel for small batch production, in 4-6 weeks.

Plastic injection moulds for the automotive sector
The fast service in development and post-sampling modifications, also during construction, is the plus that FPM offers to the customer in the production of thermoplastic moulds for the automotive industry. The creation of front grilles and aesthetic and structural details is based on the in-depth knowledge of both reflective and satin aesthetic finishes.